Bow Talk

Automakers Find King Size Bows Every December!

Do you ever wonder where Lexus and Honda get those luxurious bows to place on their cars every holiday season ? Well look no further than King Size Bows!  Every December, car manufacturers around the country drive holiday sales through great deals and an even better presentation. With … [Read more...]

She put a bow on Empire State Building – Orange County Register

TV hostess Oprah gave away 276 cars, each with a King Size Bow on itThe Empire State BuildingGigantic packages displayed at Rockefeller Center in New YorkMany Ford, Lincoln Mercury and Mitsubishi dealerships nationwideSharper Image interior decorations We were thrilled about our recent article in … [Read more...]

“King Size Bow” Used in King Sized Donation

We are so excited to be a part of Bank of America’s donation of a building in Downtown Wilmington in it’s pledge to add 500 new jobs while also supporting existing and fledging charter schools. You can read the full article here. Bank of America’s donation of the 282, offers 9 … [Read more...]

10 Little-Known Facts About Giant Car Bows

Article Quick Takes: Lexus puts a bow on holiday car salesA mother’s wish becomes a King-Size businessWe’re gonna need a bigger bow for planes, tanks Santa’s got his sleigh. Rudolph his red nose. And Lexus its giant car bows. Every year, these hallmarks of the holiday season float into … [Read more...]

King Size Bows Featured on Consumer Reports 2015 Gift Guide!

King Size Bows was recently featured in the Consumer Reports “Great Gift Guide” for 2015. Click here to read more about how our King Size Bows are a great accompaniment to your large-sized gifts this holiday season! … [Read more...]

King Size Bows on

Every holiday season, car companies start rolling out brand new commercials for their shiny new cars. And every year, their shiny new cars come topped with an iconic, oversized bow. But where do those giant bows come from? It turns out, most of them were probably made by a company called King … [Read more...]

King Size Bows on

If you’ve ever seen a holiday car commercial, you’ve probably noticed the giant bows that companies will place on the cars to effectively wrap them up as a gift. I guess I always assumed someone near and dear to the production was responsible for making those giant-ass bows, but I was … [Read more...]

King Size Bows a Part of Ellen’s Biggest Giveaway Ever!

Our King Size Custom Blue Bows were on the Lowe’s Heroes cart, as part of Ellen DeGeneres’ biggest donation ever! Detroit’s Spain Elementary-Middle School’s remarkable principal Ronald Alexander, teachers and students have earned the respect and attention of Ellen, Lowes, and Justin Bieber who … [Read more...]

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