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King Size Bows on

Every holiday season, car companies start rolling out brand new commercials for their shiny new cars. And every year, their shiny new cars come topped with an iconic, oversized bow. But where do those giant bows come from? It turns out, most of them were probably made by a company called King … [Read more...]

King Size Bows on

If you’ve ever seen a holiday car commercial, you’ve probably noticed the giant bows that companies will place on the cars to effectively wrap them up as a gift. I guess I always assumed someone near and dear to the production was responsible for making those giant-ass bows, but I was … [Read more...]

King Size Bows a Part of Ellen’s Biggest Giveaway Ever!

Our King Size Custom Blue Bows were on the Lowe’s Heroes cart, as part of Ellen DeGeneres’ biggest donation ever! Detroit’s Spain Elementary-Middle School’s remarkable principal Ronald Alexander, teachers and students have earned the respect and attention of Ellen, Lowes, and Justin Bieber who … [Read more...]

This California Company Specializes in Giant Bows for Lexus Commercials

Ever think about who has to make those giant bows you see in commercials and in new car showrooms? They’re the specialty of a company in California. They supply the trademark bows you see in Lexus commercials, but they’ve produced the festive knots for a dozen other manufacturers, too. Holiday … [Read more...]

2018 Oscars Trend: King Size Bows

Calling all fashionistas! Last night’s Oscars featured bows and bold statements on the red carpet. Nicole Kidman’s midnight-blue Armani Prive gown set the stage for the evening’s trend. Ladybird actress Saoirse Ronan wore a giant pink bow on the back of her Calvin Klein dress, while Disney … [Read more...]

Yes, people do buy cars with big bows on them during the holiday season

December is in fact one of the biggest months of the year for auto sales, particularly luxury vehicles.Luxury sales throughout the year are 12-13 percent of the total, but around December that rises to 16 percent.Costa Mesa, California, company King Size Bow does brisk business over the … [Read more...]

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