Huge Television Bows

Huge Television Bows

Huge Bows 6′ Wide X 3′ Tall for Reality TV Spot

Reality TV

A television producer needed two 6′ diameter, 3′ high bows for a television shoot. The bows were painted pink and blue, placed on boxes 12’X12′, suspended from helicopters and dropped on the set as “present” of potential dates. In the end the bow made a bigger impression than the suitors. Oh Reality! You airlift in the perfect match in a box with a big bow on it and it doesn’t work out! You can lead a horse to water…

When you want to make any event, in the air or on the ground, huge, do it with a custom bow.

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Some of the Television Shows King Size Bows Have Been Shown On Include

America’s Got Talent: Holiday Edition
California Lotto Commercial: Super Lotto Plus “Ship Lovely Presents”
Call Your Mother
Disney Channel
Ellen Degeneres Show:
2 Bows for Ellen’s 60th Birthday
Cheerios Million Dollar Giveaway
Ellen Giveaway to Chicago school Ellen’s Greatest Night of Giveaways

Tesla Giveaway
Good Morning America
Gossip Girl
Fresh Off the Boat
Housewives of Beverly Hills
Let’s Make a Deal
Lexus “December to Remember” Commercials
Price is Right
The Catch

The Fosters
The Goldbergs
The Mayor
The Voice
This is Us
Today Show
Dead To Me S2:E10
Rescue 911 Season 5
Ordinary Joe
And Many More!

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