Bow Information

Bow Information

Click on the links below to find out more about our bows, how to order, and our shipping times.

Anatomy of a Bow
Knowing the essential pieces of a bow will ensure that we communicate efficiently and reduce any miscommunications that may cause your bow to less than what you want. Click the link above to become a bow anatomy expert.

How to Order a King Size Bow
Ordering a King Size Bow for your special event, gift, or surprise is straightforward. Use this guide to learn more before you order to ensure your bow is exactly what you wanted. Click the link above to start.

FedEx Shipping Times
All King Size Bows are shipping FedEx Ground. To learn more about the shipping times from the King Size Bows manufacturing in California to your location in the U.S. click on the link above. *NOTE: FedEx no longer guarantees delivery on express shipments and has discontinued refunds for late shipments.

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