Custom Bows

Custom Bows

We can create custom designs for practically everything and everyone. Product launches, commercials, television shows, building wraps, visual merchandising and special events are just a few of our specialties. There’s even a marriage proposal and Halloween costume in our repertoire. Choose from our wide variety of materials, textures, sizes, and colors. We can work with you to create the concept, or, if you’ve already dreamed it we can build it.

Types: Reusable, Weather Resistant, Indoor, Outdoor, Long & Short Term Usage

Materials: Fabric (determined by use), PVC, Paper, Ribbons, Structure for outdoor, long term use.

Due to circumstances beyond our control, our cause awareness and custom bows will be temporarily unavailable.  We anticipate fulfillment resuming after 6/1.  Our ready to ship products will ship normally during this time.

Custom Orders are Temporarily Unavailable

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