“King Size Bow” Used in King Sized Donation

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We are so excited to be a part of Bank of America’s donation of a building in Downtown Wilmington in it’s pledge to add 500 new jobs while also supporting existing and fledging charter schools.

You can read the full article here.

Bank of America’s donation of the 282, offers 9 stories of building space for new charter schools that traditionally have trouble getting government financing in comparison to traditional school districts.

The gift of the building will help ensure that all children have the opportunity to excel in the Wilmington community.

“A big red bow was placed around the building Wednesday night before the announcement this morning.”

The custom bow was 8 ft. in diameter and wrapped 230 feet around. The facilities manager in charge of the installation said the bow was very easy to work with, and that everything went smoothly.

Thére du Pont, President of the Longwood Foundation said in a statement “We will be working hard with many partners to ensure we are continuing to provide unmatched educational environments where all kids can excel, in this case in the City of Wilmington.”

We here at King Size Bows are grateful to be involved in this great donation that we know will positively impact the lives of many children!

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