Car Bows

Car Bows

Sometimes it’s ALL about the bow.

Add more excitement to the joy of bringing a new car home by tying it up with the biggest car bow in town!

Picture your loved one stepping out the front door and finding a new vehicle adorned with one of our big bows for cars in the driveway. It will be a gift they’ll never forget, thanks in large part to the festive car bow. And big car bows are not only for new cars. A teenager’s first car, even when used, will be even more special when it’s presented with a giant car bow on the hood.

An elegant car bow from King Size Bows compliments the gift of a new car in a unique and stylish way. These car bows are graceful, high tech bows, ideal for any and all car models. Everyone has seen the Lexus “December to Remember” holiday commercials, making our big bows for cars synonymous with the ultimate gift of a new vehicle. Our bows were there when Oprah gave a new car to every member of her studio audience. Because of our world-famous bows, consumers have come to expect a car bow when they purchase a gift car.

Car bows by King Size Bows are used by major automobile manufacturers and dealers nationwide to gift-wrap cars. Our signature big bows for cars is a beautiful and elegant showroom decoration that’s used by dealers for sales promotions and to raise customer excitement about purchasing a gift car. Savvy car dealers offer our amazing car bows for customers who want to make a special presentation of a car for a holiday, birthday, graduation or anniversary. Dealers collectively agree that providing a giant car bow is the perfect way to create a satisfied customer experience and is frequently used to set their automobile dealership apart from their competitors.

When you’re giving a gift that’s too big to wrap, a car bow is the perfect finishing touch. Our big car bows can be used for a variety of large gifts, including motorcycles, RVs, airplanes and yachts. You can also affix our giant holiday bows to big screen TVs, golf carts, pool tables and playhouses. When you care enough to buy an expensive gift, why not add a big bow that’s equally impressive?

King Size Bows can also be used to create a feeling of anticipation at special events such as grand openings and ribbon cutting ceremonies. From giant outdoor bows to wrap a building to our signature big bow for cars to smaller bows to adorn a child’s bicycle, King Size Bows is your ultimate source for any type of bow.

Our big bows for cars are available in custom bow sizes and custom bow colors that let you coordinate your bow with your vehicle color!

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